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Recently, a blogger named Simon Owens ran a social experiment on Craigslist. He then posted it to New York, Chicago, and Houston, and tallied the. Overwhelmingly and instantly, the from the fake women looking for male partners were inundated with responses, sometimes several per minute. All the other received lukewarm responses, at best.

Several admitted they were married and cheating on their spouses. Many included photos, often nude. He took the text and photo from a sexually explicit ad warning: not safe for work in another area, reposted it to Craigslist Seattle, and waited for the responses to roll in. Responses include full e-mail addresses both personal and business addressesnames, and in some cases IM screen names and telephone s. Read the responses warning : sexually explicit material. Instantly, commenters on the LiveJournal thread started identifying the men.

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Dissenters ed the guys to let them know they were scammed. Several of them were married, which has led to what will likely be the first of many separations.


Another spotted a fellow Microsoft employee, based on their e-mail address. After that, who knows?

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Divorces, firings, lawsuits, and the assorted hell that come from having your personal sex life listed as the first search result for your name. Possibly the strangest thing about this sex baiting prank is that the man behind it is unabashedly open about his own identity. A graphic artist in Kirkland, Washington, Jason has repeatedly posted his contact information, including home phone, address, and photos.

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Is he oblivious to the danger, or does he just not care? But was any law actually broken? Fortuny obviously misrepresented himself under false pretenses, which is itself possibly actionable, but the privacy implications beyond that are very interesting. Does ing someone your personal information act as an implicit waiver of your right to privacy? The disclosure must be public. The facts must be private. The plaintiff must be identified.

Does volunteering your information in a private context somehow invalidate your privacy rights?

If they find abusive information, they act quickly to remove it, but in this case, all the identifiable information is on a third-party site. On a final note, this is just getting started. Sex baiting is so simple and so effective, I thought immediately that others would be inspired to do the same thing. And yesterday morning, a commenter confirmed that the first copycat prank is already complete in Craigslist Portland.

September Jason Fortuny modified his home to remove all references to his professional life: portfolio,and references to past clients are all gone. Compare to the older versions on the Internet Archive. Also, Encyclopedia Dramatica has been down intermittently all day, presumably because of the traffic.

One commenter claims to live in the same apartment building as Fortuny. The New York Times article is slated for tomorrow was written, but ultimately rejected for publication. Update, Part 2: Jason Fortuny sent an to Tucker Max for advice himself Internet-famous for posting his sexual exploits online. All the way… There must be a way to combine this. Into money. Money is important. Money is good.

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For more information, read the complete set of his posts and his friend Wendy Miller. EV1 Servers, my usually reliable web host, had an hour of downtime affecting hundreds of thousands of websites.

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Update 4: The Associated Press just published an articlewhich will be syndicated in newspapers everywhere tomorrow. Also, a couple more interesting comments from the Slashdot thread from people who claim to know Fortuny in real life. The first from someone who went to high school with him, and the second from an anonymous former friend. Fortunately, Yahoo cached the thread. Fortuny writes:. This is some next level shit.

All the way.

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I like entertaining. I like good attention. Letterman is my fucking hero. Stupid people drive me insane and make me very animated. There must be a way to combine this.

Mississippi Sluts

I removed the posts from my website, rfjason. The good people at Encyclopedia Dramatica friends of mine scraped the content, and turned it into a formal wiki.

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They are a very separate entity. I am working to get the personally identifiably information redacted. Note: rfjason. I have no head for business in this arena. Sure, I can tell you all about the best ways to handle eCommerce and customer service standards, how to build a solid web server, and LOL privacy, but the notoriety business is new.

I require the help of Rudius Media. The lawsuits may or may not happen. I have e-lawyers arguing all over the place both sides of the issue. September My good friend Lou posted an exhaustive and very personal profile of Fortuny based on his online writings. Highly recommended reading, and gives quite a bit of insight into his possible motivations. A llocal news station actually interviewed one of the guyswhose embarrassment seems to be trumped by two minutes of on-air fame. September Lou Cabron breaks the story of a copycat scammer named Michael Crook, who has posted multiple to various Craigslist cities.

Michael is now posting the responses to a new site called Craigslist-Perverts.

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September Jason Fortuny responds in an informal minute video interview. Lou Cabron from 10 Zen Monkeys wrote up an excellent summary of the interesting parts to save you the trouble of watching it. August 5, Two years later, and shortly after his New York Times interviewJason Fortuny was sued for his Craigslist experiment. The list of suspects is so very long. Then again, the naivete of such things rests with us readers too…none of the above has been factchecked by anyone we trust.

That is just appalling. Some people really need to be protected from themselves. Granted, I doubt this would happen in this kind of situation, where noone else was in on the joke. But one can never really be sure. Men get incredibly irrational when things start going badly for them. I have been tracking this case. So far, RFJason has kept the situation in control.

Sluts in Mississippi

I bet none of them s to Jason had the std broiler plate dislaimer on it. What if someone was really just into that lifestyle?


Should he be punished by having nude pictures of himself publicly posted on the internet? Last night, I stumbled upon another similar experiment where a person posted pictures and s of people who had replied to a fake non-sex ad. All the men were professionals and very eloquent in their responses, and they did not deserve to have their shit plastered all over the internet.

Anyone care to guess how long it takes for someone to hunt down Jason and kills him? The constiutional right to privacy involves the right to keep the state out of your personal affairs.

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The listed actions are torts, civil wrongs. ZIP: 58759

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