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The man in jail is not the only one who responded to the fake ad, but he is the only one who allegedly went to the wrong house and then went too far. The ad listed an address where the "soccer mom" could be found.

Police say within 2 hours of the ad being posted a lot of people started to show up. Stephen Estes, West Hartford, CT PD: They already had over a half-a-dozen cars showing up with people described as anywhere from teens to an year-old man who looked like Santa Claus.

Authorities say among those who responded to the ad was this man, year-old Richard Zeh of Newington.

Plus car goes into a river, year-old stalked and man ple guilty in baby's death.

But he made the mistake of going to the wrong address. An year-old woman answered the door. She told police Zeh thought she was the woman referred to in the ad and that he wouldn't leave until she pointed out the right house.

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But when he went there Stephen Estes, West Hartford CT PD: Because those people had so many of these freaky guys showing up they had relatives at the house, manning the house, in anticipation of this. So when he goes to the correct address that guy says hit the road.

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Police say Zeh then went back to the house where the year-old woman was, let himself in and groped her. In addition to sexual assault Zeh is also charged with burglary, trespassing and disorderly conduct. His wife was not interested in talking to reporters when they arrived at her house.

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This is unlike him? Police have not released the addresses where all of this happened.

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In addition to arresting Zeh, though, there is another crime they are investigating. This is not the first time this particular address has been targeted with a bogus Craigslist ad.


They are working to find out who posted the and intend to charge that person with fraud. Boston Oct Back to Article.

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